Thursday, November 29, 2012


Very excited for out christmas holiday, Paul, Grace and I are all driving to Queensland we will then be joined by my other Daughter Alice and her boyfriend Chris.
Currently just buying some christmas prezzie, of course that takes time from sewing :'(
be sure to have a look at my patterns, only $8.00.
Also my facebook page is up and running!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My facebook!

hey guys, I was wondering if you guys could get on to my facebook and like my little red jug page

Happy Times

The year is almost gone and what a year it has been.

I am busier than ever and it shows no sign of letting up.  Next year is going to be a blast.  I have so many new ideas and plans in my head.  I will be asking Santa for an extra day in the week, like my chances ? me either.  Some would loath the idea, but not us sewers.

I am looking forward to the new challenges at All About Sewing.  I love being there with the team, they are a great inspiration and support.  They ladies are eager for new techniques and challenges.

Most exciting is the news that I am going to a Sue Daley Workshop at her wonderful retreat on the Sunshine Coast.  I look forward to learning much more about her business and how she can help mine. More on that later.

I have been having fun with machine piecing hexagons.  I have made a quilt for a friend of my daughter who recently married and I love it so much I could keep it.  The fabrics are Pat Bravo and they just look and feel so lovely. I can't give a sneak peek  as it is a surprise, and I can't keep a secret !!

As you know I have lost my daughter to the other side of the world.  I am happy that she has met a lovely guy and his family have welcomed her into their home.  She will be having Christmas with them and not sitting alone in her room missing her family, this means a lot to me.  SO I have made a few gifts to send over.  Red is also a favourite in their home so they must be lovely people, I mean who doesn't like red right !!! I adapted my purse pattern to involve paper pieced hexagons, and it looks great, I hope Sandi likes it.

I have made a table cloth and a table topper.  The table topper is a gift but the table cloth I am using to practice my free motion quilting, the Sweet Sixteen.  So far so good !!

Sorry no pics this blog as I have Blogger issues and need to address my upload quota, this stuff still confuses me. Anyone out there know where you can get advise on how this stuff works !!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sexy Hexy Christmas

Christmas is coming, I can't believe it, again, I say it every year.  This year I am going to get back into sending cards.  I miss the old tradition and feel lazy if I don't, as in the past 2 years I have failed to complete the task.

I am getting over the brain block and have decided on a Sexy Hexy Christmas.

I have a new design for a table cloth and a table runner.

At Morisset and All About Sewing we are getting into it. Come along and check out the fun.  There are so many ideas.

I have also become addicted to my little purses.  I have loved fussy cutting and creating new versions.
Contact me for details.

Happy sewing.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Challenges

What a busy time it has been, lots of changes and lots of sewing.

Rose Has been in Canada for almost 4 months now.  She is working hard, cleaning rooms, and having a great time seeing a lot of the beautiful countryside that surrounds her in Canmore.  It is the first day  of Fall there and the warm weather will soon give way to winter and snow.  This will test her, being from the sunny Central Coast, she will have no idea what a snow climate is really like.  Lucky she has her quilts with her.  She is living a short walk from a large Quilt Store called The Sugar Pine Quilt Shop. I am looking forward to visiting her and doing a little shop hop in the area.

Meet Cole, he is a local from Cochran and has been keeping Rose company so she won't get too homesick !!

 This is a little gift Rose sent me from Canada, I had to build it myself, but it is a lovely wall hanging.
This has been such a popular design but I have to tell anyone who is planning on making it that there is mistake in the printed instructions of the Homespun mag it appeared in.  The ends are supposed to be 9 1/2" wide not 8 1/2".  I will be posting the pattern on the blog soon.

The Challenge Quilt has received a lot of interest.  I was designing it for my Thursday tarts group but it has gone viral. This quilt is a differenr take on the traditional block sampler quilt.  This is a reproduction quilt that I have designed to encorporate all kinds of different  techniques you may not have mastered yet. If you are interested in this project just find a day and location from my classes and workshop page that suits you and lets get on to it. Or for more info e-mail me on

I have joined the team at All About Sewing, Jody,Ange,Robyn,Leanne and Ali , all very talented ladies who make work a lot of fun.

I am also at my own studio in Tumbi, day and evening classes.

Fridays I am at Morriset Fabric and Craft, drop in if you are up that way it is a great place with lots of fun stuff and great fabrics.  They have the best range of Aboriginal fabrics I have seen.

Happy Sewing.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Newcastle Quilt Show

 Newcastle Quilt Show.
I have just had the most amazing week.  So much has happened.  I have just had 4 amazing days at the Newcastle Quilt show.  I worked for Universal Magazines and had a great time.  I was totally exhausted and fell asleep each night by 9,30pm, not like me at all, but so much fun.  I saw so many friends and talked to lots of quilters, scrap bookers and beaders.  One thing most people know about me ids that I love to talk so this was a gig right up my ally. There was a six foot high poster featuring my Machine Cover that was in a previous edition of Homespun.

I have been working hard to get the challenge quilt up to date and it is looking great.

This is a project I have developed from the original Mrs Vigors Quilt.
 I have altered the methods in each section to add a new techniques.  Each border is then of your own choice. So it becomes a sampler.  You get to learn what you want.
I will be adding the Owl machine cover to my pattern section soon, so keep an eye on it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Holiday fun

School Holidays are such a fun time for me.  Even though classes still run, on the one or 2 days I do not teach, I don't work, I spend it with my daughter Gracie. When dad leaves for work I get a visitor and usually 2 cats for a sleep in. My fondest memories of my girls younger days are of the holidays.  We could ignore the clock and just chill.  PJ days were common and so were fun days out.  We lived in Canberra when my girls were little and there was so much to do. I recently took Gracie to Canberra to visit for 4 days.  We caught up with my 3 nieces and little Hattie, my now 26month old granddaughter. I had forgotten how cold it is there and lucky Sarah scored a goal in her soccer match as that made the pain worthwhile, not entirely true, it was good to be able to be there. My Brother Dave and his family live out of town and it is even colder there. I had such a fun but busy few days that I didn't even get to visit a single Quilt Shop.
Hattie looking so pretty in her new beads and hair clips

This is a little bag I made for Hattie to keep her beads and hair clips in.

Check out the matching machine cover Cherly made. This is from my pattern in Homespun.
 This is the new project under way in a few of my classes.  It is a quilt as you go project, how lovely is the fabric. Check out the blog later this week for details and instructions.

happy sewing